3 Reasons to consider a destination wedding in Clearwater – Dunedin, Florida


According to the knot, destination weddings have been on the rise since 2015. And why wouldn't they be? Destination weddings offer a unique experience, can be less overwhelming and have even been said to be more cost-effective than traditional weddings (unless of course you choose to go Kimye style – Kim Kardashian and Kayne West - and rent the Palace of Versailles in France). Luckily, all -our venues are located on Florida's stunning Gulf Coast, and if you're picturing a waterfront or beachfront wedding, we can't think of a better destination to host your destination wedding than in the Clearwater-Dunedin, Florida area.

Here are 3 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding in Clearwater – Dunedin, Florida...

Your Wedding, Your Way:

When you choose to go with a destination wedding, opinionated relatives are less likely to interfere with your planning decisions. Since you're making a lot of your decisions from afar, you have to be able to make decisions fast, meaning there is less time, really no time, for anyone to get nit-picky about things. If you've been thinking about a beach wedding, you don't have to fly across the world to find white sand beaches and dreamy sunsets. In fact, two of our locations, Sand Key Beach and Honeymoon Island are frequently listed among America's top-rated beach locations!

Stress Free is the way to be:

Destination weddings, by their very nature, are more laid back. The guest list is typically smaller which means you can say sayonara to those seating chart woes and extra costs associated with a long list of guests. On the flip side, you might be thinking that planning a wedding remotely sounds like a recipe for extra stress. It all really depends on where you choose to hold your event. If you choose a venue with an experienced staff, that is simply not the case. At Florida Weddings on the Water, you can rest assured that all our wedding venues offer professional wedding coordinator services to help you plan your destination wedding. We’ve got this.

More Experiences, More Memories:

Many brides who chose to go the more traditional route and have a close-to-home wedding will tell you that they spent so much time planning their wedding and then boom, the day itself was over in a blink. Cue our last point...with a destination event, you'll have more time to celebrate with your guests. When choosing your locale, consider an area that's easy to travel to and also offers lots of different activities.

If you're unfamiliar with the Clearwater area, we are located in the Tampa Bay region of Florida (which also means it’s easy for guests to travel to our locations – no need for passports). With two major metropolitan areas, Tampa to the east and St. Petersburg to the south, there is plenty to do within a short drive. St. Pete has a really cool, artsy vibe with interesting museums and galleries. Clearwater itself has strong tourist appeal with expansive beaches and lots of outdoor activity and the small city of Dunedin to its north offers a quaint, village-like vibe.

Many people who visit Dunedin fall in love with the one-of-a kind small shops, the award-winning local restaurant spots, close proximity to awesome beaches and of course, the walk-ability of the downtown area. If you're looking for a one-stop spot for a memorable weekend destination wedding, Dunedin has it all...culture, live music, dining, shops, nature & more! Dunedin is also home to our flagship venue, Bon Appétit Restaurant, located conveniently next to a Best Western Hotel with casual, yet elegant dining right on the water. Not to brag, but Bon Appétit was recently honored as one of America's most scenic restaurants earlier this year by Open Table. Bon Appétit Restaurant also has a large private upstairs dining and reception area with panoramic views of St. Joseph Sound.

Some of the best weddings are the simplest. Laid back and low key can be just as beautiful as over-the-top. When it comes to having a successful destination wedding, it really comes down location, location, location. If you've always imagined a breathtaking waterfront or beachfront wedding, reach out to our coordinators. They'd be happy to help you learn your options and determine if a Clearwater / Dunedin, destination wedding is right for you.


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