Trend Alert! 7 Reasons to consider a Daytime Wedding in Clearwater, Florida


Close your eyes and imagine a wedding. What do you see? A lovely ceremony followed by an evening reception? We’re sold this idea of what our wedding day should be – but imagine the possibilities of going the road less traveled.

In recent years, we’ve seen couples opt for creating unique experiences instead of traditional weddings, which is a trend we are totally down with. Included in this movement, is the rise of daytime (aka breakfast or brunch) weddings and receptions. The idea of hosting a daytime reception is new and different, offering couples more opportunities to think outside the box when envisioning their special day or weekend. We’ve been giving this idea a lot of thought and wanted to share our seven favorite reasons you may want to consider a daytime or breakfast/brunch reception here in the Clearwater area...

7 Reasons to Consider a Daytime Wedding or Reception in Clearwater...

1. Less formal, more fun!

Prefer flip flops to high heels? Is your groom a fan of tropical shirts? Cool! No one will bat an eye when you decide to ditch the formal attire because a daytime reception is new territory…you can throw the traditional wedding rules out! (Your guests get t wear comfortable attire, too - everybody wins.)

Beach Wedding Sparkly Starfish Sandals

2. Or go formal, really anything goes…

Formal weddings are lovely no matter what time of day. If you’re dreaming of fabulous floral arrangements on every table and an elegantly dressed bridal party, a daytime wedding will give you more daylight hours to appreciate it all.

Formal attire on bride and groom at beach

3. Creative menu options

Chicken, steak or fish? Boring! Okay, not really, but with a daytime wedding reception you can add way more options to your menu. For instance, you could go all out with an elaborate brunch setup, complete with a waffle or omelet station. Or keep it simple with a cereal station and donut bar. You can have fun with it and we can pretty much guarantee your guests will enjoy the change-up too.

Donut Bar at Bon Appetit Restaurant in Dunedin, Florida

4. Unique Bar Alternatives

Open bar sounds so 2010! Replace it with a fresh juice bar, endless mimosas or a “Make Your Own” Bloody Mary station. Need I say more?

Mimosa Bar at Bon Appetit Restaurant in Dunedin, Florida

5. Get your groove on!

Dancing is always a good idea. In fact, life is short; we should be encouraging everyone to start their day off with a dance party. I think people would be a lot nicer too, don’t you? Then it’s settled; add ‘hire a great band, DJ or create an epic Spotify playlist’ to your to-do list. No matter which route you choose to go, great music is still a must.

DJ at the South Beach Pavilion on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida

6. Reception is over, now what?

With an evening reception, once it ends, the celebration is over.  Again, with a daytime wedding reception, there are more options. You can say so long to your guests and head straight into the honeymoon. Or you can plan a fun excursion with your group of guests (or leave them to experience a fun excursion to make the most of the day). Some of our favorite ideas in the Clearwater area include,  kayaking, or heading to the beach.

Beach Chairs on Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida

7. Hello, Save Money

Traveling off the beaten path has its benefits. One of those benefits, in this case, is saving money. Most couples are booking venues in the evening hours, when they charge premium pricing because it’s the most popular reception time. This is true for wedding vendors as well, like bands, DJs and photographers. Having your reception during a less busy time will allow you more room to negotiate prices and deals that are likely more beneficial for you. Creative thinking pays back!

Couple kissing between Palm Trees on Honeymoon Island in Clearwater, Florida

Now that you’ve heard our side of the story, what do you think of daytime wedding receptions? Have we inspired you to become a renegade bride or do you think you’d still stick to a traditional wedding day timeline? Let us know in the comments.