Tampa Bay Pop Up Weddings on the Beach (it’s a thing)

Bride and Groom on Grass overlooking St.Joseph Sound

Not every bride wants to spend tons of money on her wedding day, but she still wants it to be beautiful and special. She’s been dreaming about this day all her life, so why should she have to sacrifice her vision simply because she’s budget conscious, doesn’t want the stress or wants an intimate experience? The answer: she shouldn’t. And thanks to a growing trend, the pop-up wedding, now she doesn’t have to!

So, what in the world is a pop-up wedding?

It’s similar to an elopement, some even call them ‘fancy elopements’ and are small in size (ranging from just a witness to about 20 people), but better because you pick a pop-up wedding venue, choose one of their packages and everything else is done for you. It offers an intimate, all-inclusive ceremony experience where basically, the bride and groom just show up. It is the ultimate option for couples who want a stress-free, budget-friendly way to say “I do.”

One thing is for sure, pop-up weddings might be a more affordable option to the traditional wedding, but don’t think for a one-second that means they aren’t jaw-dropping and awesome. Pop-up weddings are becoming such a successful trend because they’re held in the most desirable wedding locations and typically include a professional photographer, stellar floral arrangements and an on-point officiant or celebrant so everything goes perfectly. For a couple with lots of other priorities, the pop-up wedding really is a great no-fuss option for a beautiful wedding.

Naturally, a top pick for a pop-up wedding in the Tampa Bay area is at the beach. Between the white sand and sunsets, nothing beats a west coast Florida beach wedding, especially when all the stressful planning is taken care of for you, which is something our venues at Florida Weddings on the Water specialize in. Way before we even knew “pop-up” wedding was a thing, we were doing it.

Most of our beach wedding ceremony packages are already pop-up wedding ready and include everything mentioned earlier: décor, floral arrangements, officiant, photographer and more! Not only that, we cover Florida’s most popular beach destinations, Sand Key in Clearwater, Fl and the award-winning Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Fl. Ceremony packages start as low as $450; there’s no better way to get married in Tampa Bay.

As for the reception, some brides opt for a small dinner with friends or a popular choice for our Honeymoon Island weddings is our private dinner for two. Imagine a private tent on the beach where you and your new spouse get to enjoy VIP treatment from our professional wedding staff (the same team that coordinates all the big ole' weddings up in the pavilion), an incredible meal and a picture-perfect view of Florida's world-famous sunsets. It's an unforgettable way to celebrate your love without the costly price tag.

Are you interested in having your own Tampa Bay pop-up wedding on the beach? Let us help, we’d love to learn more about you and your dream wedding!