So who’s it going to be??????


Who’s it going to be????
Selecting a bridal party can sometimes be a headache.
You both have to sit down and figure this one out together. The size of the bridal party can vary from just having a Best man and Maid/Matron of Honor, to as many bridesmaids/groomsmen you would like.
You may or may not want your sister your sister as your Maid of Honor, you can have a relative or your best friend. Heck, who says you can’t have them both???

The more bridesmaids, can sometimes be more trouble than what you think, now they all have to decide on a dress, shower location/date and all the other joys that come with this title. Keep in mind, the more bridesmaids, the more of a cost to you…yes you a thank you gift and bouquets.

Keep your parents happy by thinking about having your siblings in the wedding. If they are too young, you can have another special title for them. Maybe you’ll have fans if you are getting married outside or programs to be handed out.
So what do you do if your BFF is of the opposite sex? No problem, you can have him be your Man of Honor. Just run this buy your fiancé first, just to make sure he’s ok with that.
Now keep in mind this can go either way, his BF just might be a woman, or his sister, then we would have Best Women! (But then again, aren’t we all the best!!)
There are no rules written in stone…’s all up to the two of you.

Keep in mind when thinking about whom to pick, just what will go into being in a wedding. Take the time to talk to all of them, just don’t assume they can afford or not to enjoy this honor.