Save the Date Announcements


So you have finally picked a date. That’s great! Now do you want to send out Save-The-Date notices? Keep in mind, you don’t want to send these out a year away from your wedding date. We all know things can get lost or misplaced in the shuffle of everyday life.
These days, with all you can do and find on the internet, more and more people are making their own.

You can also be very creative and give a sneak peek on the theme of your wedding. How about something like this for a beach wedding?


You can keep things very simple and make it personal by adding a photo of the happy couple.


All you need to really have on there is very basic information; you just need to let your friends and family know the date of the wedding. A great idea is to make them into a magnet! We all know how many times we go into the fridge everyday.


So, keep things lighthearted and fun with these. You can be serious later when it comes down to the wedding invites.