Reusing your leftover wedding decorations


The wedding is over, you’re back from the honeymoon and it’s time to find a place in your home for the gifts and leftover wedding decorations.

Wait, leftover wedding decorations? What are you going to do with those?

  • Host a dinner party: Now that you’re a newlywed, your family will want to come over for holidays or special occasions. Chances are you have what you need to host a fabulous dinner party! Set the table with your tablecloth and napkins from the reception. Bring out the cake or cupcake stand and set desserts on them again. You can even reuse your centerpieces.
  • Repurpose for your new home: Did you use mason jars for wedding decor? Keep them around to use as candleholders, charming rustic vases or drinking glasses. Or you could can something! If you kept several tablecloths, use them to make curtains, throw pillows or table runners for your home. They’ll make for a great memento of your big day. If you have leftover wedding invitations, frame a set and hang it on the wall next to your wedding pictures to make a memory collage. And if you had printed cocktail napkins, they can be used until they run out.

For more ideas, turn to Pinterest like you did for your wedding day planning. Or, if you still have leftover decorations, you can donate or sell them to another future bride or groom to use at their wedding. There are plenty of websites for this purpose and you can make another couple’s day easier to plan.