Finding a Venue


So now that you’ve said yes, and you have told your parents, you have told your parents, right? You can start getting to the nitty gritty.
The average U.S. engagement is 16 months. We all know that is not always true. You may not want to wait that long, and that’s fine. Here are some of the basics….
The best way to start is to be organized. You can spend the money and get a Bridal Organizer at Barnes and Noble or on line at Amazon or any other on line site. Or to save money, make one yourself. It is important to keep things organized and all in one place. Making one yourself will save a few dollars, and you’ll want to save anywhere you can. Be sure to keep all of your receipts together.


One of the first things you and your fiancé need to decide on is a budget and who is paying for what. Times have changed and a lot of couples are waiting to get married. So this is up to each family to decide on how to handle this.
The average wedding cost about $25,200.00. Couples typically spend between $18,900.00 and $31,500.00. So start saving those pennies!!


Next few things would be a date and a venue site. Now keep in mind, people book weddings 1-2 years out, so don’t be disappointed when that date you want is booked. Keep your options and your heart open. One other thing to think about is the day of the week you get married. Yes, Friday & Saturday are the most popular, but you can sometimes get great deal for booking a weekday. It may also help with flights when you book your Honeymoon!!
When booking with any of our venues, we keep your budget in mind. With us you can get married on the beach and follow with a beautiful reception on the beach.